Monday, July 23, 2012

Arizunea by Bob Atkinson


(c)2011 Bob Atkinson
rocky country, full rich soil
rivers sandy through which flow
waters from the higher lands,
pine forests are plenty, full of game

mineral wealth of some great note
copper, silver and some gold
timber, fields of domestic crops
watered by channels cut in stone

peoples who have been here long
yet in this place had not been born
are selfish in their claim of country
fussing, fighting, spoofing divinity

these lands upon which one can see
valleys far, not devoid of trees
carved as if by floods and winds
pyramids too, carved by men

belong to no one they are free
land deeds simply decree
a truce in the war for fixed resources
you can use it, won't fight you for it

to claim a country for all time
seems senseless, never justified
ones who were here when others came
conquered those of previous fame

no innocence of that
can be claimed that is fact
all who live where they do
live on conquered land they use

cycle goes on forever
stops only when we see as one
a people who can embrace change
by sharing with others their own name

giving to all part of the glory
not prideful, selfish, ever woeful
satisfied have done their best
upon good honor they can rest

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