Monday, July 23, 2012

Art D'cor by Bob Atkinson

Art D'cor
(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

many times do I feel
my eyes fall softly upon
a pleasant colored masterpiece
framed with skill or useful form

that chef d'oeuvre created
to please millions of eyes
when looked upon quite closely
ebbs in the nonsense tide

lack of training in good schools
no details drawn with pride
only allusion to good value
no expression in the eyes

faces drawn, no complexity
do the artists paint with skill
shaped with imagined style
colors brighter than are real

in other words I see these works
as something of a lesser art
though beautiful may they be
are they really something smart?

so, in order to begin discussion
those artists feelings to not hurt so badly
created a category apart and distinct
for all art I feel not masterly

Art D'cor will be the name
we'll assign to this construction
when abstract, without trained brush
or when we find most talent lacking

not that these pieces don't have
a place within our lives, they surely do
enhance, by love, our life's experience
when coming in to fullest view

good decorations needed always
add so much pleasure to our lives
these shapes which please us fully
only with a quick passing by

our full concentration not required
need not study these images for long
aren't meant for broad analysis
merely for our minds' adornment

fine art, on the other hand
requires study of all its parts
holding strong emotional ties
by tugging forever at our hearts

some would argue with energy
that the King wears new clothes
some would say he's naked
his weakness now exposed

have shown my dated preference
which, of course, is mine alone
some love what seems abstract 
abstract cuts some to the bone

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