Monday, July 30, 2012

Billy Flynn by Bob Atkinson

Billy Flynn
(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

flying through the skies upon
those metal and plastic ships
Billy threw caution boldly to
hard strong prevailing winds

he sailed upon the waters
of blue and green and red
threw his arms around the world
as if in a firm fixed trance

Flynn knew all the angles
knew the rules alright
knew troubles could be brewed
for those not smart, farsighted

dove into the deep ocean
saw whales as large as ships
canyons deep beyond one's dreams
pinnacles built high with basalt cliffs

saw peaks of Hawaii's mountains
largest volcanoes on this planet
fall down slope into what was
depths which now held highlands
waves broke over dry land
washed out some wicked mores
drew upon the hills a shoreline
false beach as tides restored

let this remain a lesson
for those who do not seek
to plan for all unusual events
originating from the sea

to sit and brood about what we
do not have, only that we covet
places us in a category substandard of
those not deserving progress's pleasures

easier to get off our backsides
start working hard within
our minds and bodies establishing
that which we can be proud of as men

tearing down what others built
keeps our pride false in its bottle
we smirk with contentment while
a world laughs at our inner troubles

Billy knew all these facts
tried to wave a flag for attention
without co-operation swam against
his cousin's greed and bad senses

Billy must leave this place
the water has grown cold
mother stands there with a towel
to dry her baby boy

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