Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fadtastic Today, Dragtastic Tomorrow by Bob Atkinson

Fadtastic Today,
Dragtastic Tomorrow

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

Fads becomes fadistic things
when the new becomes the norm
funny how people “not with it”
are at first sadly scorned

fads garner action reflexes
to adopt that marked taste good
by all who crave appreciation
of their like minded group

free will does not enter into
this empirical equation
no desire on one's part can
reverse deed through contemplation

quite an interesting set of rules
we have here on our chest
that which allows us not
to always select the best

that tattoo on your arm today
or that one on your butt
might signify your inclusion
to that group of good taste pawns

tomorrow will be different
you'll be seen as that old bag
or the old dude with the arm
covered with needle candy

one with tattoos all over
"no markings does youth have”
is scorned as you did your brothers
who thought first, then moved on

here and in the future
keep your judgments rightly made
by decisions based on action
morality and good sense of taste

it's not what the others see in you
it's what you see in yourself
to mimic what the rest do
carries penalties of pure hell

as in the now and current
or with that secret tool
nobody finds that lengthened mood
which settles long term good

like some monkey on a rope
there is no honor in submission
to strange deeds by rote memory
not seeking astute composition 
(think before you leap)

they do not our life enhance
directions of form and function
tearing goodness from our page
we laugh at their sweet nothings

we seek an approving eye
pushing us toward the same emotions
the flock of birds swimming with
their brothers and their sister ducklings

school of sardines which must
align directions for life's sake
swimming in that circle
which their life constrains

but we, as the higher order
can keep our decisions free and clear
by force of intellect devoted
to what's correct and sincere

cookie stamping a generation
making one just like the other
saddens creativity quickly
by smothering what's discovered

in minutes, not a long time
these keepers of the style
have their candles used up
and frowns made of their smiles

you're seen as “the old game”
with that funny style of yuck
you settle into the burden
of the aged frumps

free will means more to us
that a wink of someone's eye
who never has good purpose
in pushing that new style

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