Monday, July 23, 2012

Foul Mouthed Maiden by Bob Atkinson

Foul Mouthed Maiden

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

she sang a song of innocence
not purity of lifetime exposure
but of that thoughtful nature
thinking long of how life evolves

presentation to strangers
of an image incorrectly made
which shows lack of sophistication
no character, slowly baked

swims backward along the flow
ignoring trained thought processes
lacks checks upon her do's and don'ts
that which the literate professes

deadens any obvious intricacy
takes away that aura of intent
of cultivated, trained intellect
removes all possibility of respect

respect for judgment made
that simple form of cover
balancing our demons with
our super bright discoveries

words chosen for shock effect
or inclusion in a peer group
carry with them costs associated
with unwanted nasty moods

cursing with a foul mouthed tongue
taking all you have that's civil
and throwing it to the moon
turns your thoughts to drivel

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