Friday, July 6, 2012

The God Particle by Bob Atkinson

The God Particle

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

search you will, within the soup
for something to explain
all those strange happenings
in the realm of physic's game

if you haven't noticed
the world most rigid isn't
a blob of jelly vibrates
all ways as you stand in it

illusion holds all still for us
so we can function rightly
progresses from infantile to mature
sometimes, you might say smugly

run your hand across your eyes
you see it disappear from sight
this principle becomes ingrained
to our ears and wondering eyes

ever moving in and out
with us, then against
all we are, all we see
and all we feel progresses

vibrating at a pace unknown
moving far, to and fro unseen
our world gets viewed as normal
an illusion of solid, stable dreams

becomes a shaken world encased
all matter to all else tied
stretched by this moving mass
density of plastic does subside

ever wonder why light
goes not faster than light speed
well, here in this open space
you have a container not empty

imagine the sun vibrating
stretching out its gases
all entwined within its sphere
as our planets it encompasses

all of this stretched matrix
that fabric interwoven
all that is, and all that will be
all that's yours and mine

goes from here to there so fast
reduces pressure by quick movement
all things fall in to fill the void
our future, our past accomplishments

low pressure produces movement
toward this void of density created
our world grabs the tornado
as if pulled toward God's creation

energy is simple movement
from one vibration location to the next
caught within the vortex
of our world with which we're carried

works by grabbing at the form
in one location, time and space
electrons are the transition
from one place to the next

as we move from one side
of that side to the other
how far it is, we don't know
but not invisible to us forever

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