Thursday, July 5, 2012

Importance of Truth by Bob Atkinson

Importance of Truth

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

Enough said freely, without regard
to veracity as king, candor paramount
we hear two men opposed in thought
saying contrary words impudent

inverse of each without remorse
stone faced they lie with smiles displayed
have given fidelity far back pages
unfaithful discourse my mind enrages

keeping trust well concealed
mindsets subordinate to fierce zeal
decisions made to do that which
masters goals preconceived

for goals other than honesty
pale when compared to simple fare
of seeing reality in its plain
and simple open, well lit game

demand now here and ever
preface statements with the thought
this is true, I swear upon honor,
give you fact, not simple jabber”

some feel methods unimportant
subordinate to goals adopted
can't be such a saddened process
truth is truth, keep it guarded

for when goals become distorted
with truth hidden, deception normal
how do we know which path to follow
if authenticity lies smothered for a dogma

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