Monday, July 16, 2012

Legion of Honor by Bob Atkinson

Legion of Honor

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

honor and country as bells ringing truly
through our established public and personal duties
show us forever the corps d'elite
who find kind methods to impact their peoples

appreciation of merit so long overdue
forcefully identifies those looked up to
ones who progress all that we are
from bottom to top of that lidded jar

not to be confused with nobility's reign
no count, baron, sainthood or king
just ones within villages born into life
who love goodness much better than strife

these legions belong in recorded notes
as ones who stepped forward, ones we can quote
without reflection, shame, or simple remorse
always with good heart, no hidden purpose

ones who held country above all the rest
above simple dogma of right or left
ones who let feelings of love show through
spread without trauma or milktoastian views

ones who diverted all that was said
to goodness for all broad progress of man
not pitting one against his brother
not killing in horror those godless fellows

but simple reflection on social order
that which we see as illogically scrambled
truth of conviction set forth with pride's power
working with all men not satisfied with conflict

when good intentions turn into fact
when devotion of love matters when acted
upon with fierce pride rather than thought
of kindness, purpose and love with good heart

only then shall we see our potential achieved
our cities built cleanly, constructed quite neatly
our lives not hidden, transparent as glass
morality sincere, exploits with honor enacted

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