Monday, July 23, 2012

Poet, Poet, Poet the Poem of Poetry, by Bob Atkinson

Poet, Poet, Poet,
the Poem of Poetry

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

purpose, purpose, purpose
seems mostly obvious today
doesn't matter why you write
just that you have your say

history, yes, that's real adventure
reason enough to write down words
provides documentation of feelings
about prior events that had occurred

describing art begins another
aspiration for locutions penned
stories told of paintings brushed
or photos framed with grins

descriptions of your favorite movies
by a poetic dance of sounds
chronicled with good knowledge of
plots and character actions grounded

well, that's a subject we love
can write stories about the games
how our pitcher in a situation
won, or lost out on lasting fame

trials of those who seem
not too bright in their approach
or the wonderful friends who leave
hearts deep within one's throat

here we have opportunity supreme
expanding nature's gift of language
telling our stories to those hereafter
so they'll know why we acted

those effects of mother nature's power
earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes
floods by rain, volcano's shaking
stars twinkling, streaking, impacting

that wild and woolly surprise of life
which seems so strange to us now
gives fodder for our hearts to tell
how we didn't see it coming down

initiation of accomplishments
both in honor and disgraced form
telling tales of how we can prepare
avoiding broad future pain or scorn

you can add your own to these
reasons to write down life's chronology
giving records enhanced descriptions
telling stories to those following

we leave something of our lives
descriptions of emotional moods
objects of our sorrows meant
to explain devoted servitude

fully depicting quirky behavior
acceptance by our peers of fate
going a long way to the moon
or stopping at those open gates

observing new dimensions deeply
through hard work and honest thought
sharing emotions with our peers
could be what we're all about

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