Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Search for Life in the Universe by Bob Atkinson

Search for Life in the Universe

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

SETI goes about its job
searching for life out there
finding fundamental gifts
of which we're all to share

are there demons, are there Gods
are there men with powers grand
of intellect and wise outlook
and independent actions?

are there people just like us
who want to live their lives
free of terror, danger and
that which hurts bright eyes?

does it all start from nothing
to become what we see here
does it all stem from freeing
our imagination's fertile tree?

those scientists with learned ways
the Einsteins, Hawkings and friends
overlook that which we all know
and simply try to comprehend

our world, this awesome bubble
from big bang to where we're at
completes the organism's form
one animal in search of a mate

so, to answer a direct question
to give all the clue desired
is there life in the universe
can we find it if we look hard?

can we understand how it lives
and how it cooks its food
how it desires to progress
all those questions multitude

questions brought to the fore
by learned men with tools
and women with credentials
and those who study too

answer's here in our hearts
not so complicated to address
by studying me and you we study
that life form, our universe

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