Friday, September 28, 2012

Tucson, the Poet's Dream by Bob Atkinson

Tucson, the Poet's Dream
(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

come back to my birthplace
or, within a hundred miles of it
a lifetime spent in struggle daily
for that dollar which to spend

Tucson carries to your soul
that calm artistic feeling
broad mountains ringing valleys
saguaros standing neatly
art gallery at the airport
or Covington if you need
more than Etherton's offerings 
Etherton Gallery
or maidens' Letter reading
art and history museums
Tucson Museum of Art 
a zoo to prick your mind
Tucson Zoo
showing fine accomplishments
of that deity, yours or mine
a university well respected
a college on each corner
Pima Community College
scientists in their labs exploring
astronomy or spatial formats
Kitt Peak National Observatory 

cultures diverse in order
from south and east and north
some came here from China, or
from Africa's west center coast
Bently's for a slam with those
who woo you with their words
telling tales of the malcontent
Cafe' Passe's crowd if you choose

TSO rings beauty in your ears
a laugh at Gaslight's table 
The Gaslight Theatre 
plays become Invisible
with Workshop's good creations
Invisible Theatre 
Live Theatre Workshop 

here in the land of dreams
my dream stands next to you
soft sands of time slip by as
one documents inward moods

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