Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why? by Bob Atkinson

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson
Chandos gave good meaning
to all we have become
all the forces in our universe
who observe and comment upon us

he said our real commodity
that which makes us valued
lies within our language
that daily pitter patter

a concept
although hard to grasp
lies open in our lap
overflowing our belief
in our future's past

our daily lives, why we live
those simple things we do
how we learn to love and hate
giving voice to me and you

seems the q-bit has potential
toward understanding all but one
facet of our existence
the beings we've become

ebb and flow of all emotions
we profess and call upon
needs the written word
documented, drawn and sung

if we can't read all there is
and feel some understanding
then empirical calculation
begins our lives to lag

behind all that can excite
some in their easy chairs
need to see, watch the show
and see us on our errors path

so fluid in its makeup
voiced emotions have a form
which changes ever gently
as the new becomes the norm

minds can't be read
that isn't possible
and television on the wall
distorts a real perspective

what we think about
everything we do
falls to the creation of poems
thoughts and observations
of our mind's inner view

giving emotions to others
as a normal way of life
has yet to take firm foothold
but someday it just might

so those with good machines
who read our connected words
can, if interested in this world
watch closely and observe

why we do those things we do
why we love and hate
in more expanded detail
because of our many written words
those much broader pictures we paint

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