Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 to 2013 The Transition by Bob Atkinson

2012 to 2013
The Transition
(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

transfer us from the past
to the future as we ask
what lies toward that new direction?
something more, or just convention?

all we share of our experience
wobbles forth, does flips and fits
sparks us here and hurts our heads
makes us lie again in beds

should we worry of this fate?
should we expect these alternate
uses for our timely game
grow up be gone from our own days

we see the young ones standing tall
have children as we did ourselves
become the mainstream, where we grow old
find for themselves what we have known

that in time the only purpose
we can find
would stand as something
to leave behind

which binds our friends
to those strangers
ones with dreams
of living greatness

how to do this simple deed?
how to enhance our breed?
some say leaving thoughts for others
does the duty of which we're troubled

write your notes, write your emotions
give to language your pure devotion
let those of future embattled times
know they're not alone, but joined

with the past in firm resolve
to fight beyond those wicked halls
through those hardened tasks we find
we join with all living in future times

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