Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Emotion of Disgust by Bob Atkinson

Emotion of Disgust
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

softly settled to my ears
those words I wished to hear
brought me to a higher level
when written well, so treasured

waiting patiently among
the throng of citizens, no guns
a gentle lot of doers well
those who praise art and tales

standing up to do their best
to settle for all the rest of us
a trumpet sound of sculpted tones
ones with meaning held upon

a field of life, pages open
emotional tags, sometimes spoken
carry me to advanced nirvana
please read good words, not trivia

when they speak these honored verses
so well received and prizes awarded
my hand reaches for the door
so I might escape these awful chords

no, they don't speak for me
blank faces in the audience
form so simply irrelevant
purpose one's only good intent
when sung accolades flow quickly
a million sold six months a pittance
poetry had come of age
yet nobody knew or accepted change

Chandos lamented openly
no quotes from us, our poetry
were made outside our borders
were not champions of language order

thought about this for a while
remembered friends in distant lands
who spoke Germanic languages different
no English were they aware of meanings

yet sung our tunes with impassioned voices
wildly swinging arms to chorus
the words meant nothing to their minds
but beat with rythyms to their hearts timed 

Poem: 18 Stoic Faces by Bob Atkinson 

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