Monday, January 7, 2013

Master Poet to P.I.F. by Bob Atkinson

Master Poet to P.I.F.
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

wandered through a maze
as I do both now and then
following trails of discovery
about those words she'd penned

saw the accolades bestowed
upon her works so fine
wondered how these words began
desired to read her finest lines

took some time, writings obscure
published in some costly books
Amazon had them there behind
closed covers locked with currency

searched more, found the ribbons
had been given her in mass
she must have written a masterpiece
this learned sweet young lass

oh, it took a long time
to find one of her themes
shock attacked my brainy part
when found it I did scream

this isn't all I hoped for
words do not inspire me
for there on the laptop screen
I nearly lost my tea

choked and gagged,
spit and saddened
nearly lost my lunch
there before me stood some tripe
words thrown into a bunch

so to her credit I began
to formulate my bestest plan
to rid the world of these bad parts
at least do something for that stand

a "Poet" isn't created and designated
when words mixed without form or purpose
unrehearsed, cheesy, lacking fine refrain
won't rise greatness to the surface

those who take this mantle lightly
and work the system for their own
benefit at the expense of mankind
if starving, would not throw a bone

Master Poet she is not
hardly a P.I.F. in a large pot
no standing "O's" would she receive
when yelling out her dreams of written rot

Poets In Fact, or P.I.F.'s if you will
give more than take within this realm
they do not make the masses smirk
when the word poetry gets mentioned

they do, on the other hand
bring many on their feet to stand
and re-enforce that feeling of
enlightened senses and honest passions

they give for free with willingness
to share their inner dreams
complimentary display of thoughtful words
ordered to make us better people

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