Sunday, February 10, 2013

Poetic Diction by Bob Atkinson

Poetic Diction
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
Wordsworth got it right back then
in seventeen-ninety-eight he said
poetry need sound more like conversation
over strangely worded thought gyrations

poetry requires not its own style
similes and metaphors branded by
that strange combination of cornball words
following thoughts mostly absurd

yet, because those who should
be in the know, or on the bench
enjoin those words to self inflate
for ego's bows by uninitiated

they might desire to differentiate
from normal streetwise phrases
so they, themselves, dominate
what isn't theirs to take

calling themselves "poets"
itself banal in its nature
"poetry" that which they percolate
and sometimes merely regurgitate

now, here I might interject
my own thoughts on this poetic mess
my feelings if you read my writings
differentiate poetry from simple prose

poetry defined by my natural words
merely contains emotional verbs
hearts afire or depressed state
some such elaborate mixed up place

prose, in my plain definition
on the other hand needs no emotion
only imparts knowledge of
something be it thought or notion

when the words touch the soul
poetry it is, prose it's no
prose tells what you didn't know
poetry gives your heart a blow

so, from now on, let's get real
"poemwriters" write this stuff
call it poetry if you must
leave the garbage in your dust
else, call yourself a poet not

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