Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Poet vs Poemwriter by Bob Atkinson

Poet vs Poemwriter
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

who says a poet has been made
when senseless garbage gets created
that accolade seems not sincere
when similes and metaphors appear

lack of purpose, lack of order
ideas devoid of emotional trauma
"a voice" which adorns threadbare words
appears so sickly, not cherished
aspirations demurred

herein lies a challenge robust
produce emotional outbursts from us
not stoic faces, imagination untouched
as seen with my eyes, as I have watched

those oh so tired words penned
wit, wisdom and excitement barren
essential to such great written form
golden words of expression adorned
not musty, token, absurd, lame in form

allow us to yell and wave our arms
when tickled imaginations charmed
not senseless, trashy words denoted
by those who write with brains folded

fire burns within my heart
my eyes water when twisted hard
my ears ring with saluted tales
soul glows when grand ideas impaled

let these passions evolve complete
let our firm resolve not shrink
to widen scope of poetry's clout
by inclusion of more words profound

Poemwriters write and publish poems
Poets excite and thrill us mostly
don't adopt this mantle lightly
without production of words done rightly

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