Monday, March 11, 2013

The Path of Poetry by Bob Atkinson

The Path of Poetry
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
why doodle on that white paper
hasn't all been said or prior created?
can those combinations of words
dispel our fear of worldly curses?

first, it's not production of
anything that matters causing effort
study doesn't start with end points
only delves deeply into hard work of research

each shot at success
means not success was made
merely confirms some effort
formed a person's legacy 
to leave paper blank in printer
after many hours scanning ideas
says only a process failed its user
produce merely defines a trail

ignore the product, you'll do well
when writing your exciting tales
keep the final out of mind
concentrate only on how to write

tell yourself this way of creation
constructs experiences you'll need later
look to noun and verb order
review some event to start your motor

pick the history of your race
someone you admire or of disgrace
choose a subject you'd like to hear
study that rap sound in your ear
remember, when you understand
another's grand or spoiled plans
helps you conquer your own trials
helps when skills evolve within

then as your ball rolls up toward
that high point on those rocky knolls
you'll let it roll of its own accord
coasting with good words appropriate

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