Saturday, March 9, 2013

Twin Winds by Bob Atkinson

Twin Winds
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
here in the harshest badlands

once called by some New Spain
cultures clashed as if by thunder
amid pouring windswept rains

bred for gathering all they could
their god had given freely
private ownership of goods
not of their minds clear vision

everything on this Turtle Island
put there for great purpose
those who had the strength to take
could utilize whatever wanted

band's custom didn't dictate
who owned this and that
besides, their cousins were carried off
for hard slavery in mines of Spaniards

so, for three hundred years
these peoples opposed each other
leaving descendent's strong of will
while prudent in using cover

violent death for wives and cousins
that normal tone of life
kept all here strong of muscle
enemies on lookout for their lives

white eyes came in numbers
in that summer of fifty-six
to stake claims of territory
add ideas to the culture mix

two warriors sat there on that hilltop
watched wagons rumble endless
strings of strange beings marching
eyes with such eerie whiteness

didn't feel at the time
was challenge to her kind
only thought of new treasure
brought by those with sticks of fire

two warriors sat on their stallions
best ones of this land
naked to the waste, these maidens
bows and arrows in their hands

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