Friday, April 12, 2013

Addiction to Fun by Bob Atkinson

Addiction to Fun
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
if you ponder with deep thought
your future life beyond today
desires pervade your mind
have children, alternately
give kindness away

kindness breeds its own rewards
those which glow inward of course
sends feelings of love without your brain
responded likewise, wildly uncaged

today, you see yourself as one
who enjoys contentment and good fun
among your peers you see yourself
as toasted, roasted, that jolly elf

if that group paints its skin
if drug use enjoyment begins
you're first in line, you hold no fear
you can control your demons here

lessons learned from the past
inject themselves here if you allow
your brain to break from that shadow of
false hope caused by peer group pressure

to you that group doesn't have
connection tight beyond this day
they use you merely for good laughs
then pass you on as one lost lad

your mind degraded, sub-tiered
progress doubtful, skills meager
cast off from that which you found firm
sensibilities disturbed, emotions curbed

forget that stuff, it's not benign
you'll recover fully in time, although maligned
meet someone whom you fully cherish
marry, settle down, have children many

then the real world grabs your throat
your children's minds have become distorted
by your DNA, oh so damaged, twisted
when broken by drugs you had fun with

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