Friday, April 12, 2013

ASoIA Arizona Salon of Independent Artists by Bob Atkinson

Arizona Salon of Independent Artists
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

one can tire quickly of
working hard at developing art
grow talent to produce a line
of that which brings all smiles
here and there you sell a piece
spending ten for each you keep
all the while working hard
for a name and rewards large

tired of this useless task
one must of course settle back
onto the road of retrenchment
banding with others for progress

will of course run into walls
but if we're smart we'll hang in halls
our best works of arts and such
making good names for us

we join together as a lot
giving, getting or fretting not
drive good bargains all around
display our names when we go to ground

ASoIA starts here and now
Arizona of which we're proud
Salon, the show we do quite often
our good slabs of oils, sculptures

independents 'cause that's our nature
our culture's diverse with styles, creations
artists because of our work for people
artistic talent drawn from research

our smiles large
our work quite hard
our endeavor to succeed
always in our hearts and deeds

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