Friday, April 12, 2013

Good Times by Bob Atkinson

Good Times
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
this day in tomorrow's sun
gets labeled as what's been and gone
an historical time of no real note
what's been well traveled, a boat refloated

good times seem so far away
observe we've had those better days
without the strain on our backs
exhaustion caused by hard walked paths

ideals control us always pushing
first that thought of antiquity's musings
from here to there in a straight line curved
despondent minds, sometimes bizarre

melding time and space within
describes to ourselves our sins
making worldly noises loudly clanging
fixes those demons within our frenzy

what we see with clouded eyes
looks so different to another's style
shame and fear together meld
while carrying us up to our hell

within or without we find forgiveness
shrouds of fabric straightened smoothly
letting us observe what's been
as good times not to return again

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