Tuesday, April 16, 2013

the Death of Evil - by Bob Atkinson

the Death of Evil
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
if all Gods are willing to concede
killing in their name they do not want
to worship evil produces heartless sadness
for followers of those depraved taunts
if ground remains forever frozen
no bricks falling on sidewalks here
no tornadoes to leave us homeless
yes, the timid we'll revere
we'll thrive on soft words spoken
be gentle with our fellow man
take our seed to full fruition
seek peace through all our lands  

if water washes not with force
no salt blending with river streams
washing away all erected there
debris mixed with broken dreams

if men refuse that barbaric call
to kill their cousins without remorse
those who lead not in that direction
can claim sainthood in due course

with all who declare stupidity
not a due and proper ambition
we see perfection established
civility rises to dominate visions

if kindness falls within our grasp
no goal needed for its prevalence
our love of life and each other not
blown away by anti-progress

if all the motion we produce
produces not conflicted paths
then with a rising sun tomorrow
all evil will have passed

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