Sunday, May 12, 2013

Encanto Park - by Bob Atkinson

Encanto Park
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

that word best brought to mind
of many years ago, a trip
to a fishing tournament, excited doings
in a park designed for us, the kids

was '34 when those of vision
developed ideas for land revision
to keep cattle away from civilization
adjacent to their downtown diggings

Doris and the Doctor gave
a great deal to this goal
land presented, set aside for good
to help all local children grow

in '57 this child of eight
walked along a lake amazed
wondered at organization devoted
a fishing tournament's arrangements

had no skills in this endeavor
no skills in much at the time
yet saw sophistication of purpose
in how it had all become arranged

the park stands out in memory
part of my childhood life
walking along that waterway
with sun above so bright

only now do I see the vision
of those who assembled pieces
of a lake and sports facility
on the desert's driest mesas

they gave us what we needed when
there wasn't much to shout about
a vision of co-operation good men do
when not caring about themselves

perhaps this thought's
the real enchantment
an idea building in our hearts
a way to prosper, grow together
for peace and gentle arts

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