Sunday, May 12, 2013

Epistemological, The Legacy of Poetry - by Bob Atkinson

The Legacy of Poetry
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

Kristin said that word we haven't
ever heard or used ourselves
said we try to teach knowledge
written by the poet's quill

well, Kristin, that's not the point
doesn't enter into the frame of life
of why we do this thing we do
in good form or jumbled piles

poetry's only a method used
a tool for life's hard game
motivation toward action and
understanding one's inner pain

there are some words that agitate
some fill a voided need with love
some move us toward new action
some draw sympathy or fun

some cover up our tendencies
to gloss over what lies deep
in the ocean of our minds
allowing for more peaceful sleep

here we have a wrench that moves
nuts and bolts of our inner mind
to fine tune our methods of living
moving us easily through our times

if poetry gives us strength
or helps us learn a language truly
let's say we've been given a gift
hopefully we'll find it useful

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