Sunday, May 5, 2013

Good Intent - by Bob Atkinson

Good Intent
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

a new tale of recovery dawned
within worldly sprouted seeds
as all hate that went before us
became dead or dying screams

taking or giving strength
old sayings, no matter which
tall words seem to shrink in form
when openness became tight lipped

if willingness ended tomorrow
would timidness become supreme
when walking through sad nonsense
causing slimy ooze to squeeze

took my chances in the force
although battle did avoid
when fights raged overseas
between control, impulsive order

sadness filled the open mind
while there, way underneath
a pride developed in my heart
as if of the elite

suit they gave me fit as though
was a gentleman of first order
winds of war irrelevant when
pride established, restored, sorted

saw the gun as not an answer
to the ills of men in fights
many had felt the power
as it brutally ended life

here on this home front quiet
a storm raged among those who had
not the idea of what they said
just foolish attitudes, slogans, slang

breaking underneath the tide
of sand and windswept shores
all heck broke loose within the lives
of many lacking purposeful morals

although participated in events
couldn't tell how they all went down
smoking cities of emptiness burned
when brought by a hammer down

onto those souls of disposition
ones with their egos bent beyond
a u-shaped carcass of stupidity
bad force, good intent, but dumb

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