Sunday, May 5, 2013

Poemwriters, Not Poets Words, Not Poetry - by Bob Atkinson

Poemwriters, Not Poets
Words, Not Poetry
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
over and above my trials
extended out for many miles
search I do most frequently
for an explanation holding tea

yes, it's hard to find that which
my heart looks for, an open ditch
holding, directing, a flow of words
toward my cache of nouns and verbs

by this my meaning's been quite clear
I need in desperation some useful phrases
thoughts of which in my understanding
build ramparts and battle flags waving

but no
can't find these words of note
that which living authors recently wrote
they seem to take over vanity presses
wanting rewards for writing messes

perhaps they wish the title cheaply
"Poets" they call themselves not meekly
in my mind, they're "Poemwriters,"
a word which says nothing at all
of quality they've brought into our halls
sheepskins cover them with camo
words denoting their entitlement shallow
merely define actions, not quality of verbs
hold themselves harmless for being brazenly disturbed

so, to those poemwriters of today
I give the challenge, if they can take it
send your words out to the world for free
quit taking what isn't yours to keep

you are not a poet if you don't
give the world much of what you wrote
words upon words of quality value
ideals bequeathed, not held as chattel

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