Sunday, May 5, 2013

That Tall Illusion - by Bob Atkinson

That Tall Illusion
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
shows with all we hope for
shows with all we tell
no effervescent outflow
no overflowing wells

teams of warriors marching
teams of willowed lakes
tearing forth the echo
of ages since displaced

a body holds no simple form
can't describe in easy terms
how we've come to be here
with open, descriptive words

know not where we came from
no way to see that truth
experience and thought not present
of ages past, rehearsed

we only feel the slot inside
where our feelings go
when we insert a memory
or desire to fill our ego

glory, adventure, conquest
send fierce message down our spine
kill the one who conflicts
with our inner pride

craved by our self description
the life force asks us to
survive in ways we don't understand
making destruction our new duty

one force asks for aggressive tactics
one asks for gentleness
one feeds the fires of shallowness
one puts us squarely on the path

to what we could call civilized
if we learn to control that impulse
which seizes our small intellect
and produces warlike conflict

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