Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Art of Social Organization - by Bob Atkinson

The Art of
Social Organization
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

we can build in systematic fashion
our desires, hopes, our satisfaction
unified body of laws shaped fairly
among our people leveled squarely

military conquest not a factor
our land's enormous, it us can handle
resources provided for our care
lumber, minerals and breathable air

self government's pride expanded
some tossed out as underhanded
tally those who work in earnest
eject the most dishonest persons

acceptance broadly given to
those whose customs we barely use
let freedom ring with broad loud tones
as long as goodwill becomes the norm

external goals to broaden wealth
we climb a ladder of progressed health
for sloth of user's not much tolerance
all who can produce, produce our commerce

cities built of prideful stones
directed construction toward safety devoted
stratification of allowances made not
for felons, pushers and lawless garbage

no, have not the blueprints here
those skills not held within my care
have one purpose delineated to
gather consensus for activity's usage

I see us fail, to this point
to find a rational gathering slogan
let the statement on which we agree
be one of:
"our country,
me for you,
and you for me"

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