Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Establishment - by Bob Atkinson

The Establishment
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

I love it when
the establishment gets undone
all their panties in a rolled up bunch
all their words shown insincere
all their ugly precepts not revered

Poe gave us nonsense to blabber
look upon, drool, stoop and lather
allowing those of dubious talent
credentials best used for wiping crevasses

don't think, myself, when given choice
would know what's right in serious discourse
just know what's wrong with closed eye feelings
what's plain,  clichéd, lacking real meaning

Poetry stands straight and tall
as emotional content of learned halls
not confused with dreamed up plots
similes, metaphors and thesaurus rot

flitting, flying, fermenting pictures
fluttering statements devoid of meaning
of Azure skies, rock filled basements
absolute nonsense, irregular pacing

write it so faces you see when reading
show emotional twitches, tweaks, turn red
smiles, yells and laughs not voluntary
applause not simply seduced, or ordinary

only then the power's unleashed
expanded horizons, enhanced freedoms
only then our life evolves superior
to pettiness of thought we've adhered to

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