Sunday, June 9, 2013

Emotional Literal Tomes - by Bob Atkinson

Emotional Literal Tomes
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
have written words before on
this subject some have blessed
how poetry fills the heart
with endless emotional progress

some give the subject passing grades
some give it no real thought
some think they know its content
see poetry as fully rotten

well, to some extent I do believe
that enough has be done
to give the genre a bad rap
with words of nonsense rung

rung from that tree of indecision
like a person in the park
who knows not which path to take
how to get home before the dark

they pen words of nonsense
taking the mantle for their name
of "poet" of the highest order
without good words to claim

not only are their words so frail
but their stories often walk
off in that useless direction
only they would think was smart

so, let's add to the "do's" of poetry
that requirement firmly instilled
emotional aspects must poetry contain
without which the story lies insincere

also, must refrains contain
a literal view of life
to point us toward our fate
or lay bare our inner strife

tomes must within these walls
sense passion of our being
stories telling those incidents
of which we feel have meaning

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