Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ode to the Lawn Refrigerator - by Bob Atkinson

Ode to the Lawn Refrigerator
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

it decorates my yard with fine
elements of intricate design
feeds my ego constantly
my lawn refrigerator

sitting next to my black Camaro
transmission blown, with primer fender
she says possessions multiply
with excesses shown by purchased pride

bicycles, tricycles, skateboard planks
crutches, hutches, red wagons bent
clothes laid over chain link fences
satisfy my whims and senses

all these treasures carried home
in the bed of a red pick-up
Ford one-fifty tricked out good
eight-ball screwed to shifter's stub

yes, my feeling's warm each time
I pull into that unpaved ramp
glow of desire for more owned stuff
beats my heart for what shows much

beer bottles line the entrance to
my kingdom of material goods
double duty as decoration
targets when that's my mood

camo outfit flaps in breezes
my clothes for Sunday's church
strap a bowie above my knee
after prayer go on the hunt

that white lawn decoration
Figidaire dad bought when was
a young boy without good learning
had black shadows on my rump

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