Monday, June 24, 2013

The Shaman - by Bob Atkinson

The Shaman
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

forever within our intellect
forever in our hearts
lies a thought we may be part of
some organized deportment

infused within our psyche
embedded in our minds
personified that powered deity
upon our character presides

a male, we think as taught
having traits like mortal man
thunder in his teachings
destruction in his hand

we beg his forgiveness
for little things we've done
while invoking harshly retribution
against our fellow man

desires, motives much like us
in holding us to his dictates
direction forced upon our souls
simple argument abated

those who go between ourselves
master and cornered slaves
grow in power multiplied
by this player's game

power becomes their motive
not our lives, our thoughts, our plans
power kills all progress
which dies in calloused outstretched hands

they see themselves as in control
of sheep who have no clue
and utilize established position
to conquer me and you

ritual becomes a tool
as in the magician's hand
using powers ancient of
subconscious memory expanded

repeat those chants until
my heart cannot see my chest
then plant your seeds of deception
into my soul, no defense left

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