Sunday, June 23, 2013

To Be Self Centered - by Bob Atkinson

To Be Self Centered
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
(inspired by George Gissing)

doubts and fear
those twin evils
which sell my life
so cheaply

shake them off
forever reject
simplicity of purpose
by breathing deeply

assume what finds us in our funk
comes and goes as tides on beaches
swelling with intent to claim
more than its natural reaches

impacts our lives not with
hard waves, just gentle puffs expiring
telling openly our trials of
that which we grab, the brightness

changes in direction made
flapping our flag against its pole
no difference if a gust of wind
challenges that large flag's hold

will, of course, stay true to form
and cling to our tall spire
flying again when gusts of wind
become in speed much higher

I cling in favor of myself
to what benefits my life
in spite of notions different
is myself I like

if I worry about the world
out there where I can't touch
my meaning dissipates
control of life destructs

so here in my cocoon
my bubble of only me
I feel forces occupied
by my own life's tree

causes me fully to accept
is me whom I adore
and give to others what is left
hopefully will find me more

of what I need to instigate
my own lust for personal gain
and free me of that load of baggage
caring at all for the remaining

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