Thursday, July 11, 2013

Divine Feminine - by Bob Atkinson

Divine Feminine
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

the Artist Lisa Marquis-Bradbury
and her painting "Devine Feminine"
down a narrow walkway
we find a gallery hidden there
with flavored walls of artists' calls
enhanced with style and flair

thunder of impressions made
as if Manet had brought with brush
fabled productions to be hung with pride
by Académie des Beaux-Arts

colors bright to light the night
from mental image illustrations
driving into hardened contour
chroma flavored means of expression

the painting "Eastport Lobster" by Lisa Marquis-Bradbury

above a harbor filled with craft
we find an artist's angelic musings
within an empire hand created
from that cobbled alley's viewpoint

with paint of many colors to
introduce style of private design
we view those great indiscretions
of appreciation only within our mind

wildness of purpose enveloped
on flowing explorations duly made
sending convention out the door
with adoption of style not sameness

another trained in art might find
comfort at that school of copyists
she never allows inner doubts
to fall onto her canvas images

here we see what we believed
to exist only in our sweet dreams
creation of new forms depicted
in hues of reds and greens

trails of no other artists' tracks
lead us to this firm belief
only confidence in feelings
drawn so deep beneath

appreciation of the painted
canvas thusly made to grab
some directions taken by the heart
of a startled mortal man

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