Thursday, July 11, 2013

Philosophical Student of the Species - by Bob Atkinson

Philosophical Student
of the Species
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

seems so strange to ponder
that picture formed of our lives
which gives us our intuition
of where best answers lie

this self described capsule
what we became as people
fabricated not in earnest, but
by points of guns and steeples

causes migrant messages
to flow across our minds
passing over fabric
woven uneven over time

by totality of our situation
that existence we call us
who we duly root for
why we live in bunches

how our interaction
strains our daily speech
taking us from selfishness
to broadness in good outreach

we see all that can be seen
with experience clouded eyes
pushed fully to extremes
those whats, wheres, and whys

I do not know finite answers
to truth a subject yet elusive
barely understand good questions
caused by this planet's usage

how can one know the explanation
enough to state fully whys and hows
when rationale so transitory
ever evolving even now

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