Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rata Tat Tat - by Bob Atkinson

Rata Tat Tat
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

formed ideas of new dreams
those old ways, most simple scenes
into passion flowing like a river

calling names both grown and withered
rata tat tat

told no lies to the water
face was smug with bottled fervor
flowed over into sighs of caution
toward deep thoughts of boundless progress
like a rata tat tat

no hunting out theories distorted
broadly reaching for queries noted
complex questions for ages golden
some over and above all emotion

wildness of the old days
simple songs create good ways
sending out to our peers
something to believe in

a zealot's taunts past empty weekends

nothing tense like strong bookends
selling short those conscious pens
holding most in broad disorder
to and from our older notions

here and now we have good times
been settled down to live our lives
within feelings prior procreated
mind games dancing on floating tables
like a rata tat tat, rata tat tat

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