Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Native Convert - by Bob Atkinson

The Native Convert
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

to believe natives could accept
our culture in such a short time
after ten thousand years of devotions
to rituals varied, self designed

flies in the face of reason
our refinement, to them, not much
yet we expect the impossible
homage to goodness of thought

we can call it pagan
beyond what we understand
gods designed for lives apart
from our incestuous older lands

then we insist true deities
become beings supreme
form themselves as if were men
in hopes and laws extreme

divinity of our own design
which pleases you and me
appears to the outside world as
no hopes, no standing, no dreams

this irritates some leaders
who grew up with different thoughts
believing control of minds acceptable
in a world without free thinking

point made of this diatribe
over force applied herein
begs some sense of purpose
in order to let others live

we should wish, when exposed
toward that force of coarse coercion
to temper actions decidedly of those
with obviously corrupted purpose

those who kill, mutilate, and torture
their friends whom they call foe
need give themselves not to the devil
in their effort to us control

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