Saturday, July 6, 2013

Verona by Bob Atkinson

(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
sailed Verona across the lake
to settle once and all
who had within this club so new
procured the finest vessel hull

be it schooner, or be it yawl
sloop, cutter or fine ketch
simple dinghy or paddle boat
with or without tall mast

to pecking order of this club
brought boat with pretty lines
a hull of sweetened symmetry
rigging perfectly tightened, aligned

first Commodore position at stake
assigned to one with finest craft
upon the Great Lakes he sent on a search
his first and best trusted man

when George had returned
from shores afar and distant
he spoke of possibilities enhanced
a boat of quality and distinction

lie in a harbor over there
by the American state
of York named in honor
of our country's city great

a vessel built with pride tied there
no man had produced much better
she rode upon the winds of water
as if summoned by a demon

with news of this fabled build
on the New York side of water
he sought the soul of every sailor
that true spirit held with honor

settled once and all a price
of which she could be bought
had seen her in that foreign harbor
ride on fast winds toward honor

lay down as if in super sleep
then would her mast arise
to bite the wind and push her up
to speed of which designed

that hull of oak
and teak wood sweet
all perfectly aligned

one fledgling institution
Kingston Yacht Club at the harbor
would appreciate a flagship
of such proper nautical order

was a yawl, this be true
not a ketch as he had hoped
she slipped across those open waters
as if chased there by a ghost

his eyes opened wide to view
this luscious lengthly gem
had that appointment in his pocket
best vessel he'd ever seen
the Artist Liz Rae Dalton

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