Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wadsworth of Eastport - by Bob Atkinson

Wadsworth of Eastport
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
a chandler serves the ocean
as a spoon serves a mouth
feeding ocean vessels with
supplies to venture out
rosin, tar and pitch
harpoons, rope and twine
all those old ingredients
which feed those ships so fine

here in the state of Maine
upon rocky shores so green
Wadsworth's been perfecting
this ship supplying scene

for over two hundred years
through wars and ocean trade
from clipper ships to whalers
also the lobster and salmon trades

thirteen canneries for anchovies
wood craftsmen for fitting out
those sleek serpents of the water
manned by sailors brave and proud 

one company successful
six generations of material goods
loaded upon sleek wood vessels
with sails to the wind unfurled

Scott sees the future differently
gone are those wooden ships
this busy port of older times
now serves some smaller slips

sloops, ferries, whale watching craft
those private sailing boats of purpose
enhance lives on pleasured passages
yet not much goods are needed

no whale oil now required
no new harpoons for whalers brave
no coal for bunkers down below
or cloth for up swept sails

be it iron or be it wood
ship of war or commercial trade
this business fed the wants of those
who plied harsh ocean waves

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