Monday, August 5, 2013

Celtic Faults - by Bob Atkinson

Celtic Faults
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
was oh so simple fallacy
that they could get along
with each other for a cause
to sing the same song

but, no,
they could not agree for long
on which course to take
then lost the land up to the Rhine
again down Iberia way

held all of that peninsula
land of stories wise
till lost it to the Moors
blood now so intertwined

half of Italy did control
and all of France they had
founded Paris in four AD
then lost all of this land

pushed back they were
to the isles banished
then when the Normans came
pushed farther to the corners
of Britain just the same

and now, in the north
Catholics and Protestants hate each other
because of what's in DNA, that force
of argument paramount, smothering

no, don't get along these dopes
like the Hatfields and McCoys
argue fuss and fight again
and ignore each others' hopes

and with each other battle
they do on every stage
force of will developing
on their every page

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