Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cream Rises - by Bob Atkinson

Cream Rises
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

cream rises toward the top
beyond that which dissipates
under bubbling opaque liquids
a foam which percolates

wondrous events of nature
those towers of simple threads
lacking purpose or directional tonality
allowing ineptness to show its ugly head

taking from our challenged eyesight
more than we can see in total darkness
up and over into a circled web
beyond eternity's shadowed harness

not complaining of an outcome
not sulking in my chair with pipe
just lamenting overtones of missed virtue
greatness not really there nor bright

how can one deviate toward light
from momentum cast downhill
into a tunnel of darkness
narrow, showing very little frills

without advancing harmony
without defining love
without observing history
or watching push and shove

how can we teach without skills
teach that which we don't know
how can we further action
when we have so little "go"?

here in my observation post
on sidelines on a hidden chair
will watch events profound
get buried by show and tell

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