Thursday, August 8, 2013

No Poet - by Bob Atkinson

No Poet
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

saw a trailer on TV
a party at somebody's castle
in NY, where money flows
OP's that is, nothing anchored

fellow asked the beauty what
she did in life, that small talk stuff
said to him in sincere tone
"I'm a Poet," he winced, groaned

asked again same question there
"a Poet, yes," she replied with airs
"hmmm...." he said and pondered this
what this meant escaped his head

his thoughts raced back to a phrase
he'd read on somebody else's page
".....a Poet, huh ... what does that mean?
A Poet, lady are you just dreaming?

who told you this
your P.O. or your lawyer
your barber or dog's groomer
or, your fortune teller Roma?"

taught CW for years at U
doesn't mean you're stuff's not goo
saw some words written such
five "the's" in two lines of muck

no purpose in those lines of junk
just 'azure skies,' the older stuff
fuzzy words on a stained page
nothing good, simple ego raging"

so, you're a Poet, huh?

what does that mean?
simply put, it's in your dreams
Poets lift our world above
by helping us survive the lust

it's something you do
not who you are
it's part time musings
not to the bar

not a title bequeathed by blood
just a simple labor of love

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