Thursday, August 29, 2013

You Call That Poetry? Oh My - by Bob Atkinson

You Call That Poetry?
Oh My
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

give it one more shot
simple benefit of doubt
sally to our Center
to see what Poetry's about

all hoopla rides their banter
quick and slickly shown
a presentation of quality touch
to show us how it's done

he teaches that master's program
fine art of languages good and great
lets students wait for him to speak
comes not quickly out the gate

here to read his poetry book
upon which his ego thrives
that self appointed guiding light
of deep oceans and large tides

none of these words harmonious
no flow of thought he makes
no point in his dissertation
no desire to emotions elevate

those 18 stoic faces written
about such an event of long ago
turned into two-fifty students
were told they had to go

he must have been a failed preacher
learned from the seminary techniques
droned on and on into infinity
no thoughts in words he spake

was like a moving stopwatch
hanging on a golden chain
could see the implementation
of hypnotic techniques again

emotions grew within me
those emotions of disgust
as he threw my genre' to the dogs
kept respect with his language not

thought I heard a statement
cuss word, had he just read?
there again twice repeated
four letter word of sin

"one more and we're outta here
can't stand what he presented"
there it was, "I'm finished
can't take no more of this
 his reading's senseless!"

the cuss words eliminate
any chance of PK-12 inclusion
in usage of these writings
becomes just useless musings

so to those who profess
with airs and pretense made
without profound perception
of why we think with brains

I say with deep conviction
as Wordsworth said to Lucy
"... Poetry, dear should be written
as with normal conversation ..."

else it's not the stuff of legend
as with Plato, Homer and Baudelaire
this stuff of smell begets disgust
and frustration for those who care

Poetry in its strongest form
those emotional words of note
lives through generations
to inform and excite the folks

thus holding a tight bond
between people of today's events
with those not yet born or living
until hundreds of years away

 how we feel about our times
and our history we elaborate
all connected to our descendents
through stories of our mind's state

this is Poetry's legacy

Poem: MFA, CW 

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