Friday, August 23, 2013

To Poet - by Bob Atkinson

To Poet
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

to poet means a lot of things
here in one round land of feelings
conjured by dreams of flowing streams
striving to alter causes sadly imagined

me, I drool upon my desk
with tongue between my teeth
and hallucinate about progress
we could make if astute, tenacious

that is, faithful to ourselves
and our long lost friends of note
faithful to some we've never met
and yes,
to some who frighten us to the bone

we're all in this boat together
this leaky kind of world
where every little thing we do
creates problems, whirlpools

we see ourselves as lucid beings
with hindsight, feelings oh so good
yet we thrust upon each other burdens
with our violent kind of moods

tell me if my dreams of glory
for my fellow man and woman
drift toward the impossible
outside of words that can be certain

to poet means to understand
not all wants, just what comes to mind
to poet means to bring out thoughts
to emerge those tears of crying

living as though in utopia
that perfect kind of world
where all that ever could be
has this Earth encircled

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