Saturday, September 28, 2013

Civilization via Edification - by Bob Atkinson

Civilization via Edification
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

"... Civilization is an accumulation, a treasure-house of arts and wisdom, manners and morals, from which the individual, in his development, draws nourishment for his mental life ..." Will Durant

edification of the population
done with pride and objective thought
stands as our goal of consciousness
counterpoint to selfish paucity

brilliance in wise teachings
willingness to listen to what's been said
and travel worlds full of wild adventure
documenting a radiant evolution's tale

we steer our course through oceans
waves so high above our masts
where we see only ourselves
not land, nor ships, nor paths

from those wild beginnings
where survival took front stage
to relaxed supposition
of our place upon life's page

evolve we do toward the light
not into caves of total darkness
to leave behind our legacy
of pride and learned smartness

education, our former goal
set not fully into our plans
lacked morality in its teachings
left a somewhat barren land

seeks within its realm
to identify us all
as one civilization
not just a free for all

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