Saturday, September 28, 2013

Literature - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
an article to espouse a notion
biography of sorts
brochure to impart knowledge
good composition duly posted

some drama brought to the fore
an essay of scattered thoughts
some history thrown into a process
of information gathered thusly

a leaflet, beginning small
containing lore of ages past
building toward novel form
an assemblage
of pamphlets quickly dashed

poetry takes the better form
prose so hard to remember
research an essential ingredient
for stories of a complex nature

we can abstract ideas
belles-lettres telling all
contained in books of the classics
with comments down below

we can critique by disquisition
those dissertations that contain
the exposition of knowledge
findings with good craft made

humanities expand with every book
letters of lit and observation
paper trail of what's been learned
reported by those insane or stable

quick summary delineating
themes, battles, of ancient men
new thesis proposed for understanding
tract of the knowing hand's demands

this treatise settles in my memory
special treatment of life's theme
writings brought to full attention
literary works brought to our stream

précis to get our attention full

of written works produced for us
to build our lives toward a future of
civil feelings through literary production

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