Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monomania - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
bigotry leads toward extremism
hatred leads to intolerance
zeal transforms into zealotry then
abandonment of rational thought processes

arbitrary notions float in minds
seeing bias not as clouds
contumacy lives as contempt
deep under furrowed brows

dedication's not destructive
devotion's not a curse
if dogma not laid with stone
carved with over enthusiastic bursts

factions try to sway with fear
and frenzy poorly rehearsed
prejudice enraged by immoderation
or by infatuation with historical curse

injustice not observed, though here
covered by madness of large crowds
monomania displayed with calloused eyes
obsessiveness plowed into sacred ground

the obstinate display partiality toward numbness
that partisanship shown of half empty minds
as passion presents its stupidity
and prejudice exposes the blind

rage flies at those who don't believe
those single-minded twits destructive
supporting stubbornness of superstition as
idiocy abandons all human gifts of conscience

tenacity, an empty feeling
when correctness here in doubt
transports unfairness to the front
unruliness to the mob's power

willful violation of respect
brutality of actions cast
incorrigible persons deviant
reckless shadows thrust here abouts

causing violence to emerge
through willfulness shouted loud
to those who see not the light
never touching a dream's ground

incorrigible as they seem
they're not unreasonable in the end
when they envision themselves manipulated
by the crazy, deviant power hounds

who use us as simple tools
to ply some broad superstition
taking stock of mortal men
through hypnotic infatuation

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