Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Poetry of the Hindu - by Bob Atkinson

Poetry of the Hindu
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
corrupted literature sets into
a solid world of poetry
where prose had not been known before
crept steadily into visionary scenes

before that tales began with meter
had a song of rhythms versed
with satire set against a fence
of long lost emotional bursts

memory, recitation, decree
a slightly different form survived
one of faith and swinging gait
set truisms into normal minds

science born of observation
medicine borne of study
legalities, plus works of art
become our poet's legacy

fables gifted from the past
to grace us with wisdom's laugh
concocted poetry telling us precisely
our future's born in the past

without knowledge of good old struggles
we're nothing beyond blank slates
giving not to future's sincerity
best way to observe and incubate

function over form of life
that brave and simple term berated
gives us intuition, solid foundation
to better learn all knowledge created

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