Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Art of Poetry vs The Discipline of Poetry - by Bob Atkinson

The Art of Poetry
The Discipline of Poetry
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

Fine Art has its alter ego
Art D'cor which also breaks
these two ideas into factions
one primitive, one more staid

Fine Art means something learned
art constructed from the past
having trained in master's techniques
meaning that will ever last

Art D'cor lies more transitory
fills merely a momentary need
more for pleasant decoration than
further advancement of the breed

in literature begins an era bold
of truly differentiated tastes
in a time of new beginnings
of newness that will rage

Poetry as an art leans
toward the wispy, mindless tripe
thoughts without complex emotions
guided by throttled emptiness

no purpose in its dreaming
no research done for its themes
no imparting information gathered
beyond simple illusion of mindless motif

Discipline of Poetry
on the other hand
takes our minds into a world
of culture broadly expanded

always purpose in those words
always thought deep in what seems
complex exploration of existence
researched flowing through watered streams

that tell us what we didn't know
what a writer knew not too
when he began his assemblage
of words that wanted to

expand our understanding
of this, that, or the other
setting us on a journey to
correctness, not toward blunder

he sets out to explore a point
be it theory or merely fact
and takes us on a journey meaty
never wanting to look back

he opens books of reference
gives those notes there for our usage
to let us quickly acclimate toward
understanding an idea's currency

here we've gotten something good
what pushes on our hearts
total construction of our world
observed at least until we're dust

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